Pet crocodile takes over man’s apartment

Crocodiles do not make good pets—this according to the Crocodilian Natural History and Conservation website. Not that most people in the world need to be told this. But obviously there are a few who do need to be told this.

Crocodile named Tuzik; Screen grab from a video from Russian news website

Like Sergei Falkov, a Russian from Siberia who bought a baby crocodile in Africa, took it home to his apartment in Irkutsk, Russia, and began raising it as a pet, apparently thinking it would be easier than traditional pets.

“Actually, reptiles do not need any special care; they eat very rarely and require minimum care,” Falkov told Reuters. “Compared to cats and dogs, they don’t need any special care at all. The only thing is that you need to have professional skills to handle them; not everybody would agree to do that.”

Apparently, Falkov agreed to that, regretfully. Reuters has the story in this video, incomplete as it may be:

Now for the rest of the story.

When Falkov purchased the Nile crocodile, it was only 8 inches long. Today, Tuzik stretches 6 feet, weighs 55 pounds, and has taken over an entire room of Falkov’s two-room apartment, according to a report by English Russia.

Falkov spent two years trying to train the crocodile. You can guess how that went. He’s given up and the crocodile is free to roam the apartment, even making itself comfortable on the couch.

gator 1 edit2
Crocodile named Tuzik. Screen grab from a video from Russian news

Falkov worries that his pet cat, Moose, might one day become a victim of Tuzik, so he’s ready to sell the crocodile.

“But nobody in Irkutsk wants to spend money for such a pet,” English Russia explained.

Not just any pet, mind you, but one that will keep growing, live for 45 years, and will stare at you with a large set of jaws with sharp teeth.

“He still does not know what to do with Tuzik; no zoological parks in the city are willing to take it,” English Russia said. “Maybe soon Tuzik will force its master out from the second room, too.”

A dog would’ve been better, Sergei. Or another cat.

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