Photo Gallery And Interview With Miss September 2008—Kelsey Leigh

Congratulations to 21-year old Santa Cruz, California beauty Kelsey Leigh! An avid photographer and budding young model, Kelsey is the epitome of what we look for here at Transworld SURF in a model…Here’s a quick Q-n-A we did with Kelsey last week:




Santa Cruz, but I move too much!



Relationship Status?

In a relationship

Ouch! Okay, do you surf? If so, where’s your local spot?

I used to all the time when I lived in Hawaii and I am going to start up again when I move back to Santa Cruz (I am in the process right now).

How long have you been surfing?

About 2 years—not very long.

Last embarrassing moment?

My whole life is embarrassing! I am very clumsy! I guess the last good embarrassing moment was accidentally walking into a men’s restroom. The guys in the urinals kind of hinted to me that I was in the wrong restroom. Or the other day when I fell down some stairs in front of a bunch of people.

Last good advice you got?

Don’t touch that—an electric eel simulator thing! You put your hand on it and it shocks you. But I did it anyways and regretted it—it didn’t feel too good. I should have listened.

Last time you used your looks to get something you wanted?

Honestly I don’t really do that, I am very shy. I have hot friends though who get the free stuff (drinks and whatnot) and they share them with me 🙂

For her efforts, Kelsey receives a swimsuit of her choice from the good peeps at B Swim and is the running for the ultimate title; Miss Transworld SURF 2009!

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