Photo: Ross Edgley Swims 100km in 48 Hours, Transforms Hands and Feet Into Mush

Ross Edgley Trains with the Royal Navy
Royal Navy

Just like you, we love feats of fitness. From Garrett McNamara successfully riding a 78′ wave (the largest ever surfed) to ultra-runner Karl Meltzer’s incredible Appalachian Trail record, it’s physical (and mental) accomplishments like these that keep us (and you) pushing to the next level each day at the gym.

Now we can add another crazy example of pure endurance, peak fitness, and mental strength to add to the list: Ross Edgley, a fitness adventurer and head nutrititionist at The Protein Works, recently completed a 100-km swim over the course of 48 hours at the Royal Marines Commando Training Centre. And though Edgley, who said the swim was “just training and purely about testing the limits of the human body” in a recent Instagram post, made it through the two-day plunge, a few of his extremities took quite a beating.

Here’s a photo of Edgley’s hands and feet post-swim. (Warning: It’s pretty stomach-churning.)

Edgley documented his training, which of course included a lot of time in the pool, leading up to the epic swim on his Instagram, as well.

Check out some of his grueling workout posts below:




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