Photographer braves freezing cold for stunning photos of Lake Erie

Lake Erie is by far the shallowest Great Lake. At its deepest it is 63-feet, compared with all the others that are nearly 200-feet deep and beyond. This creates for a very unique wave behavior with a violent sloshing. And Ontario, Canada-based photographer Dave Sandford has perfected capturing these rare moments.

Sandford suits up and wades in the shallows of Lake Erie and points his camera in its water housing towards the pier in London, Ontario. The refraction that the constant waves bouncing off the pier create the moments that Sandford is aiming for, like a Great Lakes version of Clark Little if you will.

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“The tough thing about lake waves,” Sandford tells, “is it’s not like ocean waves where you have sets that come in and then there’s a little bit of a lull. Lake waves are constantly pounding, you virtually have two, two-and-a-half-seconds between each wave. Where I am, it’s more like a giant washing machine.”

Sandford is certainly dedicated to his craft, as he is out there usually through parts of January when ice on Lake Erie is a very regular occurrence. But seeing the end product he creates, we’d say it’s totally worth it.

You can see more of Sandford’s work on Instagram @DaveSandford or his website here.

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