PlayPants: the Hand(s)iest Pair of Jeans You’ll Ever Own

PlayPants: the Hand(s)iest Pair of Jeans You’ll Ever Own

How many times did your mother tell you to stop putting your hands down your pants as a kid? 

Well, a Lithuanian company has raised over 10,000 Euros on Kickstarter (from 68 backers) to promote that handsy habit with a line of jeans called PlayPants. 

These jeans are not your typical run-of-the mill pants, no sir. These are equipped with hidden zippers attached to the front pockets for easy access to (yes, you guessed it) your private parts…

PlayPants’ designer, Robert Kalinkin, lists all the ways these jeans can come in handy on the Kickstarter site:
•    Itchy private parts in public?
•    Lonely single night at the Cinema? 
•    Boring corporate meeting? 
•    Dull love life? 
•    Just want an awesome gift?

‘And don’t worry – the zippers are safe and secure, so your most precious possessions are at no risk,’ Kalinkin added on Kickstarter. 

Though it’s difficult to say whether Kalinkin means the zippers will keep your wallet safe from falling out, or your junk safe from getting caught (we hope both), it’s a safe bet that unzipping your pants, alone, in a movie theater, is a terrible idea—now and forever. Did we learn nothing from Pee-Wee Herman??

But it was only a matter of time until someone went there…and we’re not too surprised it was a guy. Kalinkin hasn’t set a price for PlayPants yet, but stay tuned. Oh, and PlayPants aren’t just for gents; you can buy a pair for your girlfriend, too. Warning: you may not have a girlfriend after gifting her with a pair of these—depending on her sense of humor, sexual recklessness and views on indecent exposure.  

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