POP Paddleboards Huckleberry


POP Paddleboards Huckleberry

11” X 32” X 4 3/4” (205 LITERS)$999

Their Take:

The 11’0” Huckleberry is designed to explore and feel the freedom of the open water. Shaped with a ton of volume for its size, the Huckleberry is the ultimate cruiser. Ideal for touring rivers, lakes, harbors and coastlines. Inspired by a certain you know who, doing you know what, down river. This board is two parts rebellion, two parts freedom and three parts POPPIN! The unique bamboo veneer showcases our Naturetech construction in high definition, displaying the natural wood layer, making every board look one of a kind.

Our Take:

The POP Huckleberry is one of those great all-around sticks anyone can enjoy on almost any type of water. The traditional longboard shape with full rails and ample width give beginners plenty of board for their first time on the water, while more advanced paddlers will enjoy the board’s wave-catching ability and forgiving nature in the surf. That said, those thick rails and minimal rocker mean this isn’t a high-performance longboard—you wouldn’t want to take it out in any waves bigger than shoulder-high. We loved the bamboo veneer and fiberglass construction for its durability and no one can deny the classy look of these boards in any lineup or on top of any car. POP’s proprietary handle is another nice feature, with a deep recess for a natural grip that will even allow smaller paddlers to carry this beefy board. While POP claims their one-piece traction pad is dialed, we found it slightly slippery. Aside from that, it’s hard to go wrong with a board as diverse, and pretty.

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The article was originally published on Standup Paddling

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