#PPG2018 Runner-Up Joins SIC Team for 2019

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SAN CLEMENTE, California – The 2018 Supconnect Brand of the Year, SIC Maui, has announced its team of world-class athletes and ambassadors representing the brand in 2019. Among the Global Athletes, SIC proudly welcomes new Brazilian team riders Guilherme Dos Reis and David Leão, two unknowns who made their way to the 2018 Pacific Paddle Games against amazing odds, and landed on the elite podium. With these two new impressive racers, SIC continues to grow its diverse global presence with athletes representing the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, France, Tahiti, Brazil, and Japan.

Brazilian athletes Guilherme Dos Reis (20) and David Leão (18), known as the ‘Brothers of Paddle,’ are both from humble beginnings and rose to notoriety after extraordinary performances at the 2018 PPG. Born and raised in different parts of Brazil, the duo first met earlier in 2018 in Spain for the EuroTour. Both having traveled there after weeks of saving up enough money, they immediately bonded after learning about their shared roots and similar situation. However with very little money in their pockets, sponsorship deals falling apart last minute, and no place to stay, they struggled to make things work on the tour.

Photo courtesy of SIC

They returned to Brazil feeling a bit defeated, but the hardships they faced in Europe only made their new friendship even stronger. Fast forward to the 2018 Pacific Paddle Games – they were ready to give international racing another go. With just enough money to pay for plane tickets and big dreams of racing on a global stage, the two traveled to Southern California with little (to no) money and nowhere to stay. They soon met Mike Eisert from the Paddle Academy, who took them under his wing, as well as the SIC Team who welcomed them with open arms and provided them with boards. And when it came time to race, they proved their potential to the world; competing against the best stand up paddlers in the world, Dos Reis earned 2nd in the Elite Overall and Leão earned 3rd in the Junior Pro Overall.

Completely unknown to most of the competitive SUP world, the ‘Brothers of Paddle’ put themselves on the map with their top finishes at PPG 2018. SIC is thrilled to have these two talented and deserving athletes on the 2019 roster and is excited to see all that they will conquer this year. Leão and Dos Reis will be heading to North Carolina in March 2019 for Carolina Cup, ready to officially represent SIC for the first time at one of the most competitive elite races in the world.

Photo courtesy of SIC

Returning to SIC’s powerhouse Global Team alongside Dos Reis and Leão are elite racers Seychelle (USA), Jade Howson (USA), Kody Kerbox (USA), Martin Vitry (FRA), and Niuhiti Buillard (TAH). With several impressive finishes from the SIC Global Athletes in 2018, SIC finished the 2018 race year in 3rd place out of a total of 29 brands on SUP Racer’s ‘Battle of the Brands.’ Now with Leão and Dos Reis on board, SIC will be looking to move even higher on the podium this year.

About SIC Maui
SIC is the stand up paddling industry’s premiere manufacturer of high quality, race proven stand up paddleboards and accessories. Founded on the island of Maui and cultivated on a legacy of world class open ocean racing, SIC is an authentic stand up paddleboard maker proud to lay claim to a heritage of designing the most winning board. Share together with our team of elite athletes, brand ambassadors and customers around the globe. Five Star Performance is our motto and we wear it with pride each day through our commitment to extending the SIC experience on and off the water to our growing family. SIC is committed to delivering the very best paddling can offer; for any condition, discipline or ability level. For more information please visit www.sicmaui.com

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