Pro Skateboarders’ Net Worth

Have you ever daydreamed of how much money you could make as a professional skateboarder or wondered how exactly your favorite pro stacks up financially against other stars and “athletes”? Well, then you should take a look here and find out for yourself. is a website that ranks celebrities, businessmen, athletes and the like based on their overall net worth and they have a tab just for skateboarders, so if you’ve ever been curious exactly how much all the video game, sports drink, soda, movie and shoe deals add up to, you can see for yourself HERE.

The skateboarder with the highest net worth should come as no surprise. With a decade of multiple video game series, Got Milk ad campaigns, Bagel Bite, McDonald deals, owning his own companies, contest winnings and more, Tony Hawk holds the top spot for skateboarders at 120 million net worth with a huge gap between him and the next richest (somewhere near $15 million). He lead the way for skateboarders able to make this kind of living in the current age, so it only make sense that he sits at the top.

If you’re interested in where guys like Daewon, Dyrdek, Koston, Sheckler, Berra, Nyjah, Alva, Jay Adams and others stand, go here to check it out.

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