Pro skier Candide Thovex’s newest video bends the laws of skiing

In the world of skiing, French freeskier Candide Thovex has already gained a reputation for being larger than life. One part creative genius, one part skiing madcap, the 33-year-old Thovex has created numerous edits that have set the ski world ablaze from his iconic “One of Those Days 2” video to his latest commercial with Audi that featured him ripping up a mountain sans snow.

And now, in the third installment of his “One of Those Days” trilogy released Tuesday, Thovex proves he’s just as crazy as ever.

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The video starts with Thovex showing some of the media’s reactions from across the world after the release of “One of Those Days 2” before Thovex drops into Val Blanc in France, just as he has in the previous two installments of the series.

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Right away, Thovex sets the tone by skiing between the legs of another skier, before launching a super stylish 360 over a passing speed flier. Shortly thereafter, Thovex shoots through a pair of snow tunnels, landing a backflip as he transitions between the two.

Candide Thovex new video edit
Thovex has once again proved that the mountain is his personal playground.
He continues to rip down the mountain, getting to the point where there’s hardly any snow left before flying over a passing bike race.
Candide Thovex new video edit
Despite the relatively sparse amount of snow covering Val Blanc, Thovex pulled together a world-class video.

If that wasn’t enough, Thovex follows that up by jumping over a sitting helicopter, narrowly avoiding its spinning blades.

Candide Thovex new video edit
Sure, they’re dangerous, but spinning helicopter blades make for great obstacles in a ski video.
To end the edit in his typically bombastic fashion, Thovex glides down the grassy slopes of Val Blanc before skimming a jaw-dropping distance and latching onto a tow line hanging from a hovering helicopter and being airlifted away.
Candide Thovex new video edit
Everyone knows your skiing edit isn’t cool unless it ends with you being airlifted away by a chopper.
The reaction to his video was immediate, with action sports stars like Todd Richards taking to social media to express their excitement:

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