Pro snowboarder Mike Basich built a tiny house he takes everywhere

Mike Basich is a snowboard legend. A true pioneer, he’s been riding big mountains for over 25 years and was one of the first people to capture POV shots from up top, way before GoPros were a thing. In recent years though, Basich has stepped away from that world to live quietly, sustainably and preferably off the grid.

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He has done so with a tiny house he built himself near Truckee, California. That stone structure he built is 225 square feet which he has dubbed Area 241 (see below). Recently though, Basich has taken on a new mobile housing project.

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Basich’s latest tiny house is featured in the video up top and took him about three weeks to build with a cost of $6,000 ($2,000 of that towards the trailer for towing it around). Very independent and instilled with a large DIY sense, Basich is using the towed home to travel right into the heart of snow storms. This allows him to get fresh powder the moment the storms pass while also being flexible enough to move immediately when necessary.

Essentially chasing snow around during winter, Basich is continuing to pursue the self portraits he’s been so famous for. He continues to compile them, and his book The Frozen Chase released at the end of 2015 chronicles all these years of Basich perfecting this art.

A photo posted by @mikebasich on

Clearly a man of many talents, there’s no telling what Basich will build next. For now, he continues to travel around in his cozy little, self-built house. Follow his exploits over on his Instagram.

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