Pro surfer Dane Reynolds gives insight into his garage full of used surfboards

The video starts at 7:16, but just loop back to start from the beginning.

Insight into the life of pro surfer Dane Reynolds has typically been hard to come by throughout his professional career. He’s not the biggest fan of interviews and has conceded he feels weird talking about surfing. He recently did a video with his surfboard sponsor Channel Islands though that digs into the depths of his garage-kept used surfboard quiver.

The video is a bit long, but well worth the watch as Dane gives one of the most insightful interviews he’s ever given. Talking about all his infamous Channel Islands shapes from the Dumpster Diver to the Proton to the newest model of the Black & White, Dane reveals nuances about each shape as well as a few that were monumental boards throughout his career — he even talks about one that was meant for deceased surf legend Andy Irons but that Dane ended up getting his hands on instead.

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It’s quite a large garage filled chock full of used boards. A rough count throughout the video, I estimate somewhere around 60 surfboards are right in that corner of his garage. I’d also imagine he’s got quite a few more stocked somewhere else.

Dane also discusses one of the major reasons behind all the simplistic, black and white art he adorns his boards with. It’s actually to help him distinguish each board from the other when he gets batches of them from Channel Islands. As he says, “It gives each board an identity in my mind instead of just having four white, plain boards. It gives me a reference in my mind.”

Dane Reynolds gives a look into his garage full of used surfboards.
Dane Reynolds gives a look into his garage full of used surfboards.

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