Pro surfer/skater Kalani David has successful open-heart surgery after 6-hour seizure

Kalani David can now say he has had successful open-heart surgery at only 19 years old. Not many people can claim that.

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As talented a skater as he is a surfer, the young Hawaiian-born David suffers from Wolf-Parkinson White Syndrome and required open-heart surgery recently to finally remove the extra muscle that had grown on his heart and was causing him to have life-threatening seizures.

Getting my surgery done today, but I have one thing to say before his happens. There's a lot going on right now personally with family and I have this to say. Keoni, Just know that the things that have been said about me are false. I love you till the death of me. You're my baby brother and always have been my baby brother since you were born, I'd do anything for you. I held you right when you came out the womb. I've been born with this heart disease and now with all the stress and emotions it's been triggered. The doctor said I'm lucky to even be alive after seizing for more than 6 hours. Which I was dead for 2 days. I'm going into heart surgery right now to get this extra piece of muscle burned. I gotta move on with my life and focus on my career. I love you Keoni just know that, I'm always here for you, love you boo boo your big brother Kalani

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Back in August, David suffered a major seizure while skating at Prince Park in Oceanside, California. Since then it has been a rocky road for David with constant seizures and reoccurring hospital visits. But his condition got much worse after a scary 6-hour seizure in the middle of the night in his Oahu home right before Christmas.

David was finally found seizing by a friend and was rushed to a local hospital. He then was put into a medically-induced coma for two days. After numerous tests for the last couple of weeks, doctors determined that David desperately needed the open-heart surgery now to fix the problem.

As of yesterday, David announced on Instagram the surgery went well and he is in good shape. Details to come on his road ahead and if this will stop the seizures, but hopefully this is a major step for the young ripper. Best of wishes to David and his family.

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