Product Spotlight: Aqua Marina Beast

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Under $500

10’6″ X 32″ X 6″ (300 LITERS)


If experienced standup paddlers had a dollar for every time someone asked them what SUP they should buy to start, they’d be rich. There’s a reason so many new paddlers ask that question: it’s a good one. It’s also tough to answer.

If people are just going to be using the board recreationally, say cruising on lakes with their kids, going for fun paddles with their friends or getting something that anyone can have fun on, we usually point people toward inflatables. The Beast from Aqua Marina is a fantastic entry level SUP for folks on this mellower side of paddling.


The key here is the Beast is inexpensive, and for under $500, you get a three-piece paddle, a backpack to hold the rolled-up board, a fin, a dual-action pump and even a leash. Minus a PFD, it’s everything a new paddler needs to get on the water.

The board’s design is also ideal for learning and/or having fun. It’s a generous 32-inches wide and has a friendly, versatile shape that anyone can paddle. For a 10’6″, the beast is also surprisingly light, coming in at 20.5 pounds all-in. That’s thanks to lightweight drop-stich construction to save weight. The graphics and finish are sharp, with nice features like a front bungy for your water, sandals and water bottle and a differentiated deck pad that lets you know that your feet are on the back portion of the board without looking.

When you’re done paddling, fold the board and wrap it in the unique, lightweight and ingenious folding backpack for easy transportation. It’s easy, just like everything with the Beast. At the price point, you can’t go wrong with this board package. Now there’s no excuse to not get on the water!

Check out the Aqua Marina Beast.


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The article was originally published on Standup Paddling

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