Product Spotlight: STAGE SwitchBlade


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Have you ever thought, “What if I had another blade on the other side of my paddle?” Well, the crew at STAGE has quietly been tweaking their SwitchBlade double-bladed paddle for five years and they swear by them. Over that time, they’ve converted many paddlers to this “kayak-style” method who now won’t paddle with anything else.

Why should you give it a shot? For all the reasons you might think: STAGE says that the more time you have your blade in the water the more distance you cover; that the side-to-side motion feels natural straight away and helps keep your center of balance; that new paddlers will have an easier time out on the water because they’ll automatically track straighter and carry more momentum; and that when the current or wind gets rough, you’ll have more horsepower to fight against them.

Still not convinced? The SwitchBlade is a five-piece paddle that converts into a standard adjustable paddle and breaks down for easy storage in your trunk or inflatable paddle bag. And, if you buy the combo kit, your SwitchBlade can be converted into two different three-pieces for a screaming deal for you and your favorite paddling partner. The paddles are all adjustable so they can fit paddlers from 5’2″ to 6’3″.

The SwitchBlade comes in four different iterations for paddlers of varying levels: 100% carbon fiber for the lightest, stiffest paddle ($299.99); 60% carbon fiber with plastic blades ($149.99) for better durability and more flex; combination for getting three paddle styles for the price of one ($109.99); and aluminum for the toughest, most affordable version ($79.99).

Try one today—with a money-back guarantee!

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The article was originally published on Standup Paddling

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