Product Spotlight: ULI Boards 11’ Zettian Multi-Sport Inflatable SUP

The ULI Zettian is a versatile option that performs equally well in flatwater and whitewater.

Product Spotlight: ULI 11′ Zettian Multi-Sport Inflatable SUP

This Product Spotlight is brought to you by ULI Boards.

For the ULI 11′ Zettian Multi-Sport Inflatable SUP, our ULITeam athletes, Ian Smith and Rob Mazetti, helped us develop this ultimate river and multi-sport board. With an exaggerated nose kick, it’s our most versatile, stable and durable high-performance competition design to date. Whether you’re running rapids, dropping into a wave or just plain hauling, you know you’ll have all an ULI board can offer.

ULI Boards has been making standup paddleboards for a long time. ULI founder, Jim Weir, invented the inflatable surfboard in 2003 and started making SUPs shortly after.

Surfing Colorado’s Glenwood Wave on the ULI Zettian.

ULI is completely focused and dedicated to the highest quality inflatable boards, and all our boards are proudly hand made by local craftsmen in Carlsbad, California.

To lock in the board’s overall shape and rocker, we apply a wide Kevlar strip to both the top and bottom of every ULI. This means you’ll get the performance that we designed into your ULI out of your ULI.

Our patented Wiki­Rail creates a hard edge that reduces drag and creates a sharper edge from which to turn, dramatically improving maneuverability.

We hope you enjoy your ULI as much as we enjoy making them. Check it out at and get a 10-percent discount when you enter ‘SUPMAG’ at checkout!

This Product Spotlight is brought to you by ULI Boards.

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