Questival: The Choose Your Own Adventure Game of Races

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It was hard to put a finger on what exactly Questival is. Until we went to one.

Questival is the chimera of team challenges: An adventure race, choose-your-own-adventure game, urban scavenger hunt, and costume party all rolled into 24 hours of mayhem. Each Questival event features a challenge list of 300-plus experiences designated to teams, made up of two to six participants. Each team is then tasked with creatively completing as many challenges as possible in 24 hours.

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Many challenges are location-specific, such as a team bike ride around Mission Bay in San Diego or taking a team photo at the Enchanted Forest at Maggie Daley Park in Chicago, making Questival a great way to explore and learn about a city, whether you live there or are visiting for the first time. A kickoff party at each location includes live music, local food, gear giveaways, and community-driven experiences that help participants and different teams get to know one another. Various mandatory check-in locations during the 24 hours ensures teams stay on a loose schedule and are accounted for.

Whether performing yoga poses in front of famous landmarks, mailing a postcard to a veteran, eating a taco with no hands or hitting a 5.10 rock climbing route, teams create their own unique experience and adventure. Once the Questival gets underway, participants can log into an interactive Questival app that enables them to check in, share, vote, and follow along with the other teams. Points are awarded for completing tasks creatively. The team with the most points at the end of 24 hours wins. Prizes for the winning teams include travel vouchers, outdoor equipment, and Cotopaxi gear — Questival’s creator and main sponsor — along with additional prizes from other sponsors.

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Questival began with just two events in 2014, thanks to its unique blend of adventure, community service, and silly fun. There are now 50-plus Questival events in 2017, including three Canadian stops. Some of the 50 stops in 2017 include Denver, Boston, Philadelphia, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, and many more. A complete list of dates and locations can be found here.

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