Quivers – Donavon Frankenreiter

Donavon Frankenreiter Is Addicted To The Ride

“I’m not a surfboard collector. All the boards I have, I ride. There’s dirty wax on all of them. I ding ’em up, have all my friends ride them. I’ve never priced out any of the boards, either. I love to look at boards and wonder what they ride like. I don’t know, I guess I’m just addicted to the ride.”-Donavon Frankenreiter

Height: 6’2″

Weight: 190

1. G&S Midget Farrelly “Farrelly” model-8′ long, 24″ wide, 3″ thick

“This board is amazing. I think it’s from 1966 or ’67. It’s one of the first boards that was basically a cut-down version of a longboard, and it has this dramatic vee in the bottom. It goes so good from rail-to-rail, it’s like a longboard that rides like a shortboard. The board has no stringer, too.”

2. Doc Bonzer-6’6″, 19″, 2 1/4″

“This is Doc’s version of a Campbell Brother’s Bonzer. This one is in between an old-school single fin and a mini-gun. It’s really fast and kind of mixes the sensation of a thruster and a single fin.”

3. Doc Donavon Single Fin-6’5″, 19″, 2 1/4″

“This is the Donavon-model single fin by Doc. I love these because every board is different. The cloth inlay on the deck is always different looking on every board. These boards are real flat-a lot like the single fins from 1974 and 1975. I always travel with one of these with me.”

4. The finless wonder by Doc-secret dimensions

“Doc and I are always trying to create new boards. This one came from just wondering if it was possible to make a finless board that would work well. I ride this board in the Billabong movie Framelines in some bowling waves, and it went great. Right now we’re working on a longboard version of this that should be epic.”

5. Doc Twinnie-6’0″, 21″, 2 1/2″

“This is pretty much an old-school fish shape. It’s so fun to stand right up on the nose of a board like this and just carve and go really fast-especially at a point-break wave like J-Bay or Rincon. Years ago, when I was riding all these old-school boards and twin fins, people would tell me I was stupid. But living in California and realizing that the waves aren’t good all the time, you have to change it up. You can get a lot of speed on these boards when the waves are shit. It’s not about style or a specific era, it’s about having fun.”

6. Doc thruster-6’3″, 18 1/2″, 1 1/2″

“Pretty much the opposite of a fish. This is my standard squashtail shortboard. Again, I like to use box fins in my shortboards so I can try different setups. I use either Lokbox or Futures. Trust me, though, I love glass-on fins.”

7. Doc old-school-6’6″, 20″, 3″

“This is Doc’s old-school single-fin shape. The fin on this board is a replica of a fin that Dale Velzy invented. I hung out with Velzy about five months before he passed away-what a great guy. He gave me this really cool V-shaped fin. It worked insane, but it broke. Then I found this fin in a surf shop in Florida. This V-fin is a good concept and fun to ride.”

8. Wedding gift for my wife-8′, 23″, 3″

“This was my first attempt at shaping a board. It’s a fun board shape that I shaped for my wife for a wedding present. On the bottom, I glassed in a bunch of photos of my wife and me, from the first two years of our life together. I gave it to her at our wedding reception. It’s a cool board to ride, but we have it hanging in our house. It reminds us of the beginning of our relationship-a really fun time.”

9. G&S Skip Frye pro model-8′, 23″, 3″

“This is Skip Frye’s teardrop shape. I think it came out around 1966 or 1967. The tail is about six inches wide where you stand, and then it pulls in all the way to about two inches. This thing takes off like a bullet. This is a beautiful board.”

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