Rare full cloud inversion in Grand Canyon mimics an ocean

The Grand Canyon is pretty spectacular all on its own. The most visited of our national parks, the natural wonder needs nothing to make it more amazing.

But when the rare weather occurrence of a full cloud inversion takes over the park and fills the entire Grand Canyon with clouds and it all gets caught on a time lapse, well, one of the world’s seven natural wonders becomes even more wonderful.

Captured by Harun Mehmedinovic of the Skyglow Project, a full cloud inversion happens when cold air is trapped in the canyon by a layer of warm air, and the moisture that’s added creates fog and eventually a total enveloping of clouds, thus creating a spectacular sight that mimics the sea swaying against cliffs.

The full cloud inversion at the Grand Canyon.

We stand corrected: Mother Nature can make already wonderful things in the natural world that much better.

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