‘Redneck’ crashes ATV as stunt goes horribly wrong

Jake Minden, an admitted redneck, drove 3 1/2 hours down to Disney, Oklahoma, to a popular all-terrain vehicle destination to take on an impossible vertical climb called Viagra Hill. “No two-seat RZR XP 900 limited-edition orange madness has ever made this thing, and so, guess what, I’m going to be the dumb redneck to do it,” he said in another YouTube video.

Well, uh, guess what, Jake … no you’re not. Watch this major fail, as Jake miraculously comes out of this crazy stunt unscathed, though the same can’t be said about the ATV (Note: You’ll see the crash, followed by a view from the cockpit, followed by the crash in slow-motion):

Best quote from the video? “Your helmet was no good, obviously.” Obviously.

The original video was posted on YouTube by 42Copperhead, who wrote, “Worst crash I have ever seen. He was OK, RZR not so much.”

Minden, however, said on his Facebook page that the damage was “not as bad as it looks, really, mostly bolt-ons.”

The episode did do major damage to the plans of one of Minden’s friends, though.

“Just when I’m about to ask why you never take me with you … lol,” wrote Stormi Brown on Minden’s Facebook page.

Another friend, Marcy Seaman, chimed in: “This is awesome … the video was craaaazzy!!! This is why we love crazy ol’ Jake Minden.”

Well, certainly she has the “crazy” part correct.

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