Rejoice, For There Are Now Camping-Themed Emojis


These days you can use an emoji with almost anyone of any age and get your point across. There are emojis of hand gestures, food, and smiley faces that run the gamut of, well, emotions— but when it comes to shooting a quick text regarding any of your outdoor plans or hobbies, we’ve for too long been stuck with a downhill skier, a few trees, a runner, and a mountain with a weird flower attached to it.


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But Biolite, a company that makes off-the-grid energy products for camping and getting outdoors (their Campstove 2 creates a smokeless fire that can cook meals and boil water in minutes), has given us a solution to blasé outdoor emojis. The Biolite team has launched a free emoji pack of “Campmojis,” featuring the people, places, and things we all find out on the trails.

The emoji pack is oddly specific, with emojis such as “Gear Giddy,” which displays gear all laid out perfectly ready to be photographed for an Instagram post and packed away for an adventure; and “Needy-orologist,” which captures the character of someone we all know: the amateur meteorologist in your group who is obsessively checking the weather report for your trip.


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Other “Campmojis” include the feet-poking-out-of-the-tailgate-over-a-perfect-sunset “Van View,” the “Perfect Mallow” toasted golden and proudly displayed on a stick, a campfire, a hammock strung between two palm trees, the “Sleeping Leg” (you know, the one leg you leave out of your bag as the perfect climate-controller), river beers, “Team Sherpa” that can huck a camping pack bigger than themselves thanks to their ungodly quads, a “Pee With a View,” a trail walking stick, and a Campmoji called “Boot Sigh” — which encapsulates that perfect moment of joyous relief when you take your boots off after a long day.

The Campmoji pack is free and available for download on the App Store through the Biolite website.

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