Results From Day 3 of Dew Tour Breckenridge 2018

Day 3 of the Dew Tour Breckenridge competition brought renewed energy and epic performances. Today’s events included Men’s Snowboard Modified Superpipe, Men’s Ski Slopestyle Jump Final, and the Men’s Ski Jib Final.

Standout performances included Scotty James’ epic first run from Men’s Snowboard Modified Superpipe, as well as Alex Hall and Evan Mceachran’s performances in both the jump and jib finals for Men’s Ski.

Men’s Snowboard Modified Superpipe

Scotty James throwing it down. Photo: Dew Tour

The modified superpipe proved to be both a challenge and creativity incubator to the athletes that competed in the Men’s Snowboard Modified Superpipe. With features like the shark fin leading into the half pipe, as well as the hip into the quarter pipe near the end of the course, progression was the name of the game in this competition.

Ten snowboarders competed, but after Scotty James threw down a 93.33 on his first run, the rest of the event was spent trying to measure up to his incredible start. His first run featured a switch backside rodeo 540 melon, frontside 180 into pipe, switch backside 1080 mute, backside 1260 mute, frontside 1080 nose grab, and finished with a cab frontside 540 stalefish over tombstone.

The Men’s Snowboard Modified Superpipe final podium. Photo: Ortiz

Here are the full results from the Modified Superpipe Final:

1.) Scotty James, 93.33
2.) Chase Josey, 88.33
3.) Toby Miller, 84.33
4.) Pat Burgener, 83.00
5.) Jake Pates, 80.33
6.) Danny Davis, 75.67
7.) Gabe Ferguson, 57.67
8.) Raibu Katayma, 56.67
9.) Taylor Gold, 35.33
10.) Ben Ferguson, 18.00

Men’s Ski Slopestyle Jump Final

James Woods showing off his skills on the Men’s Ski Jump Final. Photo: Walter

Alex Hall came out the gate swingin’ with a 94.00 but wasn’t able to hold up against Evan McEachran’s final run of the day in the jib section who finished with a total score of 187.34 on his last run of the day … Earning him a buzzer-beating walk to the podium.

Hall placed second with a 184 while the POWDER Award winning Henrick Harlaut jotted down a 181.67. Needless to say, this portion of the competition was one of the most exciting so far.

Men’s Ski Slopestyle Jib Final

Henrik Harlaut showing off his impressive style skills. Photo: Durso

Mceachran brought the heat in the jib portion of the slopestyle final, and his impressive consistency earned him a 94.67 on his third run, cementing his first-place status.

The Men’s Ski Slopestyle podium. Photo: Ortiz

Other standout performances included Henrick Harlaut, whose style was both a crowd and judge pleaser, as well as Alex Hall, who did a rail transfer hop with a front 450 out, showcasing his technical ability and skills, that allowed him to use the full course to his advantage.

Here are the full results from the Men’s Ski Slopestyle Finals:

1.) Evan McEachran, 187.34
2.) Alex Hall, 184.00
3.) Henrik Harlaut, 181.67
4.) Alex Beaulieu-Marchand, 179.33
5.) Andri Ragettli, 176.67
6.) Oscar Wester, 173.00
7.) James Woods, 171.67
8.) McRae Williams, 164.66
9.) Teal Harle, 154.33
10.) Gus Kenworthy, 148.33
11.) Fabian Bosch, 140.66
12.) Ferdinand Dahl, 114.33

Stay tuned for more coverage as the event continues through the weekend.

Additional reporting by Matt Leontis.

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