Review: PurgeAir Dry Bags by SealLine


I wouldn’t put this in the realm of life-changing breakthrough gear, but the new lines of PurgeAir dry bags from SealLine are partway there. Everything about these dry bags are what you’d expect from a company that has specialized in that gear for decades – tough bottoms, leak-proof seals, easy-to-slide materials, clear windows and the rest. What sets these apart is the extra valve that makes it possible to squeeze out excess air to form fit the sack to your load. It’s especially handy for boats with hatches and tight quarters, but it helps in any load to conform bags to available space and squeeze them into that last nook. My only question was whether the valve is truly a one-way deal – air out but no water back in. I subjected mine to several immersion tests, including turbulent water, and the innards stayed dry. Hopefully, that will stay true over years, even after the inevitable grit and sand work in.

Intel: Discovery and Bulkhead dry bag lines from SealLine in various sizes and styles; $25-$80; PurgeAir bags will go on sale January 1, 2017 (pictured – 20L Discovery View Dry Bag).

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The article was originally published on Canoe & Kayak

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