Review: Kula All-Purpose Cooler

Photo: Aaron Black-Schmidt

Review: Kula All-Purpose Cooler


The Kula all-purpose cooler is a ruggedly durable, brightly colored, uniquely round cooler with uses beyond simply keeping things cool. An awesome option for the weekend beach goer and the SUP fisherman alike, the Kula boasts no-slip feet,  a stainless steal handle, a molded rubber seal and latch that you can open with one hand, a nylon bottom drain, thickly layered PU foam insulation and of course, a built-in bottle opener. The Kula’s top is lined with EVA foam and textured for comfort. It was just as useful for us doubling as a chair and stepping stool around camp and since its lid folds back 270 degrees so beverages can be pulled from any angle. We measured its 5-gallon interior to be roughly 11.75″ wide and the same distance tall, and easily fit 24 beers in it with ice. With the latch closed, ice inside easily lasted past the 24-hour mark without melting in 75- to 80-degree weather. The ice went quicker once we broke it out at camp and started constantly reopening it for beer, but even then we were able to stretch a single bag of ice for two full days. The Kula is a bit overkill for the casual family picnic, but we highly recommend it for anyone who gives their icebox a beating on occasion. And while it’s a little heavy for expedition paddling or touring, it’s a great choice for SUP fishermen. For us, it passed the test keeping beers chilly for our three-day outing in the sun.

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