Review: Kumo Balance Board

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Over the last couple of years my office has turned into a miniature gym. I have a pull-up bar, elastic bands, kettle ball, massage cane and a rotating cast of other workout accoutrements. When I get a quick break in the action of my day I try to fire off some pull-ups, squats, lunges, push-ups, stretching or whatever else my desk-bound body might be craving.

My latest addition to the gym is a Kumo Board. Kumo is an all-inflatable balance board set to keep you in tune for all your board-sport needs. If you buy the full package, you get the board, the roller and a disc, all inflatable and ready for whatever level of balance training you’re at. Sometimes I simply stand on the board at my standing desk; others times I’ll do pushups with the board on the disc and when I need a break, I’ll put the board on the roller and practice my footwork and imagine my next paddling session.

The fact that the Kumo products are all inflatable (and durably built) is what sets them apart. We’d argue that it gives you the most complete balance training around because not only do you get side-to-side training but also heel-to-toe, which is obviously useful for standup paddling, not to mention surfing, skating, snowboarding and more. Inflatable also means packable, so you can take your balance training wherever you go. And it won’t ding up your furniture—or your family members—because Kumo is soft, yet rigid, so anyone can have fun on it safely.

Whether you need to do physical therapy work, want to get a circuit workout in or just want to mess around with a fun toy, Kumo Board will help prepare you for your SUP life and beyond.

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