Review: SIC Maui RS

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SIC Maui team rider Seychelle on the RS. Photo: SIC Maui


14’ X 24.5” (as tested)



SIC Maui’s newest all-water board, the RS, stands for rocket ship. We’ll go ahead and say up front that it does not disappoint.

The RS feels lively under your feet right away. Rounded rails in the first two-thirds of the board makes it feel initially unstable but after a few moments you realize that the secondary stability is great—thanks to a mostly parallel outline, mildly dugout deck and a generously wide tail—and you can save yourself from most falls. In fact, this aspect of the RS turned out to be a major advantage: the board felt ultra-responsive in the surf and in downwind conditions, allowing for quick changes in direction, mild adjustments in lines and quick acceleration.

The RS is extremely fast off the line thanks to a bulbous, displacement nose that quickly turns into a planing hull. In flat water, it rode high on the water and thanks to its wide tail and channelized bottom, didn’t bounce as much as many other race shapes. In rough water, the voluminous nose pierced through upwind chop no problem (although it sometimes slowed forward motion while pushing through bigger waves) and emerged quickly when we buried it in a bump when running downwind.

The scuppers that drain the dugout are unfortunately placed as we found our feet on them almost all the time since they’re placed right at the center point of the board. That’s a minor inconvenience, though, considering the board’s advantages.

The extras of the RS are top notch. We loved the neoprene-clad lifeguard handles at the front of the cockpit that make the board easy to handle on race lines or in windy conditions. There’s also a bungee cord storage zone in between those handles for a water bottle, flip-flops or a small drybag. SIC Maui also continues to use their EZ Grab for the main board handle, which is one of our all-time favorites.

The board is made with SIC Maui’s SCC+ tech, which has extra Innegra along the rails meaning this board will last longer than your average production board. The RS is offered in both 12’6” and 14’ and seven different widths ranging from 23-28 inches,  so you could get a narrow one for racing or wider one for touring.

The RS is a well-built, all-water slayer that will go fast in whatever conditions you like to paddle in. What’s not to like about that?


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The article was originally published on Standup Paddling

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