Rio 2016 Summer Olympic venues already in disrepair after just 6 months

It’s only been about 6 months since the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics wrapped up. There were some great things about the Rio Olympics and some not so great things about it.

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While abandoned Olympic venues are nothing new, it’s a little disheartening to see that some of the venues built in Rio for the 2016 Olympics are already in disrepair, as the video below shows.

As The Guardian points out, “About 80,000 of Rio’s poor were removed from their homes to make way for the Games,” and now most of those venues are deserted, shut down and falling apart.

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The $20 million golf course is struggling to attract players and the Maracana stadium has worms ruining playing surface, windows inside smashed, copper wire stolen from walls and ceilings and at least 10-percent of the seats have been torn up.

Swimming facilities have been completely abandoned while two other arenas, the tennis center and the velodrome are all uninhabited and off limits to the local community. It’s sad to think that places where Olympic history was made are now unused and falling apart like this.

The abandoned swimming facility in Rio. Photo: YouTube

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