Rob Machado’s Dream Quiver

*All boards by Channel Islands, unless noted otherwise. (Board descriptions from left to right)

CI Fish, 5’6 x 19 x 2 1/8 swallowtail (1st from left)
“Dan Malloy and I had to corner Al Merrick to make him shape this board. Dan and I had been experimenting with riding fishy boards and we knew that Al–if he were forced to–would make an incredible one. I actually had to take a couple passes with Al’s planer. I don’t know if it made him mad or if he finally just gave up, but he did it.

The Biscuit, 5’2 x 19 3/4 x 2 1/2 rounded pintail (2nd from left)
“This board is really flat and really fast, and there’s almost no rocker in it. I took this board down to Australia recently and rode it almost every day–I’m kinda hooked on it right now.

Generation 1, 5’6 x 19 1/2 x 2 1/2 rounded pintail single fin (3rd from left)
“This is another board that I had to beg and plead to Al to make for me. He was really reluctant to “go backwards. He figured that we’d already been there and done that and we didn’t need to go back, but for guys like me that started surfing in ’83, single fins weren’t really part of our existence, so I felt like I needed to go there to satisfy my curiosity. Thanks, Al.

Generation 2, 5’10 x 19 1/4 x 2 1/2 pin tail single fin (4th from left)
“Once Al crossed the bridge and started hearing such positive feedback about the single fins, we made this one. It’s a little more pulled in for bigger and better surf.

12′ NCP paddle board shaped by Brian Szymanski
“A great training tool to stay in shape.

18′ Coleman canoe
“Good for a paddle and maybe to ride a couple waves.

10′ Classic longboard
“When you live in front of Cardiff Reef, you need as many tools as you can to ride small California surf.

Stand-up paddle board fish, 9’0 x 28 x 4 with Pohaku stand-up paddle
“The best training I’ve ever done for surfing, and it’s a lot of fun, too.

A6 Thruster, 6’1 x 18 1/8 x 2 1/8 rounded pintail
“This is my step-up board for good waves.

MBM Thruster, 5’11 x 18 1/8 x 2 1/8 rounded pintail
“Great all-around shortboard.

M4 Thruster, 5’10 x 18 1/8 x 2 1/4 rounded pintail
“U.S. Open board–might hold onto that one.

A6 Thruster, 5’11 x 18 1/8 x 2 1/8 rounded pintail (just above shortboards on right)
“All-around shortboard.

9’0 INT softboard (top right)
“This is the perfect summertime cruiser. My friends and I take these out and run each other over. It’s great, people think we’re crazy.

5’2 shaped by Greg Sauritch, 17 1/2 x 2 1/8 squashtail (top left)
“This is one of my first shortboards, from around 1984. This kid showed up at my house one day and said that he had one of my old boards. He brought it in and I traded him a brand-new one for it.

Experimental thruster, 5’6 19 x 2 (bottom left)
“This was built during the filming of Sprout. Thomas Campbell just happened to be in town, and we went out to Moonlight Glassing, and they were kind enough to let Thomas do his thing. It was fun to watch.

5’10 18 1/2 x 2 1/4 squashtail quad fin circa the 80s (bottom front)
“Al had this old four fin in his garage that he claimed was the best board he ever had. That’s a pretty heavy statement coming from him. He put it on the computer, and this is the shrunk-down version. It’s really fun.

5’10 x 17 5/8 x 2 1/8 squashtail (bottom right)
“This was shaped for Kelly Slater around ’88 or ’89. I was at his house in Florida back then, and I grabbed one of his boards to go for a surf in front of his house in Cocoa Beach. The waves were really bad, but the board went insane, and it changed my view of how waves could be ridden. I called Al the next day and ordered my first Channel Islands board, that was it.

Golf ball
“It’s a Callaway HX Pro Tour. I play golf sometimes.

Patagonia Hand Gun
“Helps to get a little extra glide when you’re boddysurfing.

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