‘Running Wild’ Exclusive Clip: Bear Grylls and Zachary Quinto Explore Panama’s Jungles

Running Wild With Bear Grylls / National Geographic
Running Wild With Bear Grylls / National Geographic

Through his career, actor Zachary Quinto has starred in all types of projects. He ventured into deep space in the Star Trek series as the iconic Spock and played one of the most devious villains on TV on NBC’s Heroes. But he found himself in some truly unfamiliar territory with Bear Grylls on Running Wild. The two ventured into the jungles of Panama—and we have some exclusive clips to reveal from the episode.

In the season finale of the show, Quinto and Grylls are brought into the jungle via helicopter ahead of a massive storm, leaving them to use some primitive navigation as they climb cliffs, trudge through ravines, and explore wreckage from an old plane crash.

Ahead of the season, Grylls spoke to Men’s Journal about this adventure with Quinto: “Going into the jungles of Panama took Zach out of his comfort zone,” Grylls said. “But he was humble, hard working, and just a cool guy to journey with. We came across a plane wreck, caught snakes together, and did a lot of climbing. It took him to the physical edge, but he never gave up and I have huge respect for him and how he handled himself.”

Grylls and Quinto come across a cliff they need to scale down in order to continue their journey. With Grylls already in the landing zone, Quinto rappels down.

“Feels a little crazy to me, but I’m gonna go for it,” Quinto says before making his way down. “That felt good, that was more fun than going up,” Quinto says. “I was more nervous at the top. Once I got over the overhang, I felt really good about it. It felt good to trust myself. It felt good to trust the equipment. It felt good to trust Bear. It felt good to accomplish that.”

Here’s a look at the clip:



Grylls and Quinto also find some cockroaches during a trek through the jungle, and instead of running away from them, as most of us would do, Grylls comments, “You can just eat them,” before putting a couple in his pocket for a potential protein-packed snack later on.

“I try to play it cool, but I really hate cockroaches,” Quinto says. “It’s one thing I have a phobia of.”

Here’s a look at the clip:

Men’s Journal also has an exclusive photo from the episode:

Running Wild With Bear Grylls / National Geographic
Panama – (L to R) Bear Grylls and Zachary Quinto deep in the Panamanian jungle in National Geographic’s RUNNING WILD WITH BEAR GRYLLS. (Photo credit: National Geographic/Ben Simms) Running Wild With Bear Grylls / National Geographic

The Running Wild episode with Zachary Quinto airs on Tuesday, January 21 at 10/9c on National Geographic.

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