‘Running Wild’ Clips: Alex Honnold Skydives and Teaches Bear Grylls Climbing Tips in the Swiss Alps

Running Wild With Bear Grylls / National Geographic
Running Wild With Bear Grylls / National Geographic

Adventurer Bear Grylls is an expert in almost every outdoor activity. And while he’s an experienced climber, who would be better to teach him some tips than Free Solo star Alex Honnold? The record-setting climber is on the next episode of Running Wild with Bear Grylls, which follows the two adventurers as they go skydiving, climbing, and camping in the Swiss Alps.

Before the season, Grylls teased a bit about his experience with Honnold in the episode: “Alex is one of the greatest adventurers on planet,” Grylls told Men’s Journal. “He refused to ever use a rope hardly on anything, he was amazing in this episode. It was great learning his story and seeing him operate and the way he’s moving around. He was such a fun guy, and was totally out of his comfort zone skydiving. There was raw terror before doing that and here’s a man who probably doesn’t experience fear about anything.”

Running Wild With Bear Grylls / National Geographic
Bear Grylls and Alex Honnold rappel off a cable bridge. (National Geographic/Ben Simms) Running Wild With Bear Grylls / National Geographic

To get started on their journey, the two jump out of a plane and skydive into the wilderness of Switzerland. Honnold has spent his entire life avoiding falling from high places, but this time around, falling is part of the fun:

Once the two hit land, they make a six-mile trek to their destination, navigating craggy valleys and sheer cliffs along the way, including going across a via ferrata in the process. Once the two make camp, Grylls shows Honnold how to start a fire with a bow drill, and later, Honnold returns the favor by giving Grylls some climbing tips.

In an exclusive clip from the episode debuting here at Men’s Journal, Honnold takes the lead up a steep mountain ahead of Grylls, before giving the host some tips on how to make it up.

“Bear has already climbed quite a ways,” Honnold says. “But there’s just one section that’s a little more smooth and with small finger holes, so you just have to move a little more carefully and trust your balance.”

“I’ve just heard Alex say ‘good job, you’re climbing well,’, which to be honest at this stage, I’ll take as a compliment,” Grylls responds. Once he makes it to the top, Honnold jokingly says: “I was like, ‘man It would be pretty embarrassing to fu**ing die on Running Wild.’”

Here’s a look at the exclusive clip:

The Running Wild episode with Alex Honnold airs on Tuesday, January 7 at 10/9c on National Geographic.

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