Russian fishermen fight off giant squid from their catch

A giant squid attempted to steal the catch of Russian fishermen. Photo: Screen grab
A giant squid attempted to steal the catch of Russian fishermen. Photo: Screen grab

Fishermen in Russia encountered an enormous giant squid trying to steal their catch at the side of their boat as a crewman captured the rare scene on video, which was posted Thursday by LiveLeak.

While fishermen attempted to pull up a huge fish they had gaffed, a giant squid wrapped its tentacles around the fish and engaged in a tug of war with the fishermen:

“The squid is about five times as big as the huge fish it tries to snatch,” wrote RT, a Russian state-funded television network. “The massive creature makes a valiant attempt but is eventually pushed away by the [fishermen].”

It was unclear whether the sea creature was a giant squid or a colossal squid.

Colossal squid are wider, stouter and heavier than giant squid, and are believed to have longer mantles but shorter tentacles. Both are said to grow up to 40-feet long.

A colossal squid caught in Antarctic waters in 2007. Photo: Wikipedia Commons

The giant squid caught by the Russians looks similar to the first known colossal squid that was reportedly caught in February 2007 in the Ross Sea in the Antarctic by fishermen who couldn’t get the beast to let go of the Antarctic toothfish that had been caught on a long line.

Consequently, the fishermen pulled in the specimen, which was later identified. A second colossal squid was caught in the same area in 2014.

As for the Russian giant squid, it sunk under the ocean surface, leaving behind fishermen with an incredible tale to tell.

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