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Each Tuesday, we’ll highlight a company in Canoe and Kayak’s 2010 Boat Book. Today, we look at the 2010 designs of the iconic canoe company, Wenonah. Stay tuned next week for more sacred crafts.

$1,399, Royalex
L: 15’; W: 41”; 79 lbs.
($1,529 in Tuf-weave Flex-core, 76 lbs.)
($2,099 in Kevlar Flex-core, 64 lbs.)
($2,349 in Kevlar Ultra-light, 52 lbs.)

Sports and Leisure: New for 2010, the Backwater is for sportsmen with motorized intentions. The rigid square stern mounting bracket makes for easy addition of a small motor. Sized for two people and a load, it works great for backwater marshes and floating fishing rivers.

$1,649, Kevlar w/ rudder
L: 13’; W: 31”; 34 lbs.
($1,399 in Kevlar w/out rudder, 30 lbs.)
($1,149 in Royalex w/ rudder, 50 lbs.)
($899 in Royalex w/out rudder, 46 lbs.)

Sports and Leisure: The Fusion blends the best features of both a canoe and kayak. Paddled with a double or single blade, its foot controlled rudder makes maneuvering a cinch. It runs drier and holds more gear than any fishing kayak, while keeping your gear readily accessible.

Wee Lassie
$1,299, Kevlar
L: 12’6”; W: 27 1/2”; 27 lbs.

Sports and Leisure: The Wee Lassie is a classic Adirondack-style solo designed for smaller lakes and rivers. The floor-mounted seat includes an adjustable back rest. It performs well with a kayak paddle and at 27 pounds its one of the lightest canoe you’ll ever find.

Prospector 16
$1,599, Tuf-weave Flex-core
L: 16’; W: 37”; 61 lbs.
($1,399 in Royalex, 68 lbs.)
($2,199 in Kevlar Flex-core, 52 lbs.)
($2,499 in Kevlar Ultra-light, 40 lbs.)

Down River: This proven down river hull is our version of the classic design, and the closest thing to the original that money can buy. It’s a stable hull for rivers and streams — with ample rocker, it’s quick to turn. We also make a 15’ model of the Prospector that’s very solo friendly.

$1,779, Kevlar Flex-core
L: 14’6”; W: 30 1/4”; 43 lbs.
($1,099 in Royalex, 47 lbs.)
($1,999 in Kevlar Ultra-light, 30 lbs.)

Down River: The Argosy is made for rivers and streams. It’s nimble enough to carry you through cross currents and over eddylines. Its added depth, volume, and rocker handle rough water and even whitewater. Recommend for intermediate and advanced paddlers.

$1,449, Royalex
L: 17’6”; W: 36 1/2”; 75 lbs.

Whitewater: The Cascade is Wenonah’s largest whitewater tandem suited perfectly for extended trips. It has a deep, flared hull to run dry, a heavily rockered keel line for maneuverability, exceptional buoyancy, and capacity. The ultimate whitewater assault canoe.

$1,329, Royalex
L: 16’; W: 36”; 69 lbs.

Whitewater: Our shortest whitewater canoe, we’ve given the Rogue more depth to run dry, a flared bow for extra buoyancy and a highly rockered keel to maneuver in technical and flowing rivers. It’s our most exciting ride in the whitewater family.

$1,199, Royalex
L: 15’8”; W: 31”; 59 lbs.

Whitewater: This whitewater hull is a zesty play boat when lightly loaded, and a workhorse when packed for solo whitewater trips. The Rendezvous runs dry, is buoyant in the bow, and has plenty of freeboard. Its unique shape and tumblehome make for effective paddling.

$2,999, Kevlar Ultra-light
L: 19’; W: 37”; 49 lbs.
($2,049 in Tuf-weave Flex-core, 71 lbs.)
($2,699 in Kevlar Flex-core, 61 lbs.)

Expedition: The Itasca is built to carry expedition sized loads through wind and waves. This long, seaworthy hull tracks superbly, carries loads and glides far — it’s the right boat for extreme exploring, coastal touring and week long adventures.

$2,049, Kevlar Flex-core
L: 17’; W: 31 1/2”; 48 lbs.
($1,479 in Tuf-weave Flex-core, 58 lbs.)
($2,299 in Kevlar Ultra-light, 38 lbs.)
($2,899 in Graphite Ultra-light, 35 lbs.)

Expedition: The Encounter was created for long, solo expeditions with ample gear. It tracks straight and carries weight easily over rough water. Roomy enough for large people and buoyant enough for heavy loads, the Encounter is a specially engineered craft.

$2,229, Kevlar Flex-core
L: 17’6”; W: 34 1/2”; 53 lbs.
($1,679 in Tuf-weave Flex-core, 62 lbs.)
($2,229 in Kevlar Flex-core, 53 lbs.)
($2,499 in Kevlar Ultra-light, 41 lbs.)
($3,099 in Graphite Ultra-light, 41 lbs.)

Performance Touring: The Escape is a shorter version of the Minnesota II, with similar lines and the increased maneuverability that comes along with a shorter canoe. Our medium sized performance tandem, it’s a very versatile craft that takes on water of all sizes.

$2,399, Kevlar Ultra-light
L: 16’6”; W: 33 1/2”; 42 lbs.
($1,579 in Tuf-weave Flex-core, 60 lbs.)
($2,179 in Kevlar Flex-core, 51 lbs.)
($2,999 in Graphite Ultra-light, 41 lbs.)

Performance Touring: The Escapade defines efficiency and superb performance in one compact package. A good fit for smaller paddlers, those who pack light, and all people who prefer a shorter canoe. Add a center seat to make it a maneuverable solo.

Sundowner 17
$1,399, Royalex
L: 17’; W: 34 1/2”; 67 lbs.

Performance Touring: Back by popular demand for 2010, we are offering the Sundowner 17 in Royalex. With it’s sleek bow, straight keel-line and shallow-arch hull, this is the fastest paddling, straightest tracking Royalex hull ever designed. Ideal for Adventure Racers.

$1,299, Royalex
L: 16’; W: 36”; 65 lbs.
($1,499 in Tuf-weave Flex-core, 58 lbs.)
($2,099 in Kevlar Flex-core, 49 lbs.)
($2,349 in Kevlar Ultra-light, 37 lbs.)

Performance Touring: Designed for day and overnight trips, the Adirondack paddles efficiently with a light-to-moderate load. It has excellent stability in a lean or in waves and is one smooth-paddling canoe. Who said an efficient canoe had to be long?

$2,049, Kevlar Flex-core
L: 17’6”; W: 28 3/4”; 46 lbs.
($1,479 in Tuf-weave Flex-core, 55 lbs.)
($2,299 in Kevlar Ultra-light, 36 lbs.)
($2,899 in Graphite Ultra-light, 33 lbs.)

Performance Touring: Designed for a solo paddler with big plans, the Voyager is at home on large lakes and rivers. The solo version of the legendary Minnesota II, it’s incredibly efficient, straight-tracking and capable of carrying two-weeks gear. It’s the benchmark boat of its class.

Boundary Waters
$2,199, Kevlar Flex-core
L: 17’; W: 36 1/2”; 53 lbs.
($1,599 in Tuf-weave Flex-core, 63 lbs.)
($2,499 in Kevlar Ultra-light, 42 lbs.)

Sports and Leisure: Fishermen, families, and new paddlers will enjoy the Boundary Waters’ easy paddling, super stability, and capacity. It serves well on an afternoon paddle or two-week trip. The extra fullness throughout the middle lets you carry loads of gear when you need to.

$1,399, Royalex
L: 16’; W: 40”; 68 lbs.
($1,529 in Tuf-weave Flex-core, 60 lbs.)
($2,099 in Kevlar Flex-core, 51 lbs.)
($2,349 in Kevlar Ultra-light, 39 lbs.)

Sports and Leisure: If your sporting plans call for a lot of gear, tackle, decoys and a dog, the Kingfisher is for you. This canoe is extremely stable and very comfortable for larger paddlers. You can easily get in and out and there’s no need to worry about stability in the Kingfisher.


$2,099, Kevlar Ultra-light
L: 14’; W: 39”; 36 lbs.
($1,199 in Royalex, 59 lbs.)
($1,849 in Kevlar Flex-core, 46 lbs.)

Sports and Leisure: This short, wide canoe is super stable. Its slightly rockered bottom makes the Fisherman maneuverable, while its shallow draft will get you into places other boats only dream to go. Kids and other light-weight paddlers will feel secure in the Fisherman.

$949, polyethylene
L: 16’9”; W: 37 1/2”; 87 lbs.

Sports and Leisure: The polyethylene Northfork is made for people who demand ruggedness— sportsmen, camps, outfitters, etc. Its stable hull feels solid when the going gets rough. It has plenty of capacity for weekend gear, and paddles easily when loaded.

$899, polyethylene
L: 15’8”; W: 36 1/2”; 83 lbs.

Sports and Leisure: New for 2010, the Southfork is constructed in Wenonah’s super durable Three-Phase-Rotomold polyethylene layup. Sized down, it’s more manageable for normal everyday use than the Northfork. A strong poly canoe, with sleek lines make it a great value.

$1,779, Tuf-weave Flex-core
L: 18’; W: 37”; 66 lbs.
($1,499 in Royalex, 75 lbs.)
($2,329 in Kevlar Flex-core, 57 lbs.)
($2,599 in Kevlar Ultra-light, 46 lbs.)

General Touring: One of our largest tandems, the Champlain is a versatile boat that’s efficient and glides well. It is the best touring canoe ever designed for extended big lake and river trips. Its stability sets your mind at ease if you’re day-tripping with small children.

Spirit II
$2,199, Kevlar Flex-core
L: 17’; W: 36”; 54 lbs.
($1,399 in Royalex, 69 lbs.)
($1,599 in Tuf-weave Flex-core, 63 lbs.)
($2,499 in Kevlar Ultra-light, 42 lbs.)

General Touring: Like a Swiss Army knife, the Spirit II does everything. Our best selling tandem, it’s as efficient as a long-hulled canoe and as maneuverable as a short one. If you could only have one canoe to serve all your needs, the Spirit II would be one of few candidates.

$2,349, Kevlar Ultra-light
L: 16’; W: 36”; 39 lbs.
($1,299 in Royalex, 67 lbs.)
($1,499 in Tuf-weave Flex-core, 60 lbs.)
($2,099 in Kevlar Flex-core, 51 lbs.)

General Touring: The Aurora is a downsized version of the Spirit II, with all that boat’s virtues, but a foot shorter in length. It paddles easily and performs reliably in wind and waves. It has depth in both the center and the ends, and maintains ample freeboard when loaded.

$1,449, Tuf-weave Flex-core
L: 15’; W: 36”; 54 lbs.
($1,199 in Royalex, 58 lbs.)
($2,049 in Kevlar Flex-core, 46 lbs.)
($2299 in Kevlar Ultra-light, 36 lbs.)

General Touring: The Heron is the smallest tandem canoe in our Touring family. Inexperienced paddlers like its stability, while adept paddlers appreciate its efficiency. Because of it’s smaller size the Heron is practical for day trips on lakes, smaller rivers and streams.

$2,849, Graphite Ultra-light
L: 16’6”; W: 30 3/4”; 31 lbs.
($2,249 in Kevlar Ultra-light, 34 lbs.)
($1,429 in Tuf-weave Flex-core, 53 lbs.)
($1,999 in Kevlar Flex-core, 44 lbs.)

General Touring: The Prism is our most popular solo canoe. Incredibly versatile, it’ll take you comfortably over all kinds of waters. Blending efficiency, stability, capacity and finesse, it’s ideal for cruising with a light load, but also has the volume needed for medium-length trips.

$1,929, Kevlar Flex-core
L: 15’4”; W: 30 1/2”; 41 lbs.
($1,199 in Royalex, 49 lbs.)
($1,359 in Tuf-weave Flex-core, 45 lbs.)
($2,179 in Kevlar Ultra-light, 32 lbs.)

General Touring: The Wilderness is designed for extended solo trips. It portages well, paddles efficiently, carries plenty of gear and gives a dry ride in rough waters. Its well rounded stability and moderate rocker make it a great down-river boat as well.

$1,099, Royalex
L: 14’6”; W: 29 3/4”; 45 lbs.
($1,259 in Tuf-weave Flex-core, 41 lbs.)
($1,779 in Kevlar Flex-core, 38 lbs.)
($1,999 in Kevlar Ultra-light, 30 lbs.)
($2,529 in Graphite Ultra-light, 28 lbs.)

General Touring: This small, responsive, solo hull is a great choice for a first solo canoe. The Vagabond’s small size makes it easy to car-top and carry, and convenient to store. Try paddling it with a kayak paddle, it’s lighter and outperforms kayaks of similar length.

Solo Plus
$2,399, Kevlar Ultra-light
L: 16’6”; W: 32; 3/4”; 40 lbs.
($1,399 in Royalex, 62 lbs.)
($1,599 in Tuf-weave Flex-core, 58 lbs.)
($2,179 in Kevlar Flex-core, 51 lbs.)

General Touring: For people who want both the freedom of a solo canoe and the companionability of a tandem. As a solo, it’s a stable, efficient touring hull with the capacity to carry gear for a week. Paddled tandem it’s an efficient performance design.

Minnesota 3
$2,999, Kevlar Ultra-light
L: 20’; W: 35 1/2”; 55 lbs.

Performance Touring: Designed for three paddlers and their gear, the Minnesota 3 travels faster, with less effort, than most tandems. It accommodates three comfortably, and you can even add a fourth if the whole family wants to come along.

Minnesota II
$2,599, Kevlar Ultra-light
L: 18’6”; W: 35”; 42 lbs.
($1,779 in Tuf-weave Flex-core, 63 lbs.)
($2,329 in Kevlar Flex-core, 54 lbs.)
($3,199 in Graphite Ultra-light, 42 lbs.)

Performance Touring: The Minnesota II is the most efficient, straight-tracking, tandem tripping canoe ever made. It’s fast and seaworthy even when heavily loaded. The MN II revolutionized both portaging and long-distance paddling in places like the Boundary Waters.

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