2011 Sawyer Paddles

299 Rogue River Pkwy., Talent, OR 97540

Product Code: SMBSC; Blade Length 26″ Blade width 7″ Weight 18 oz
Stock Lengths Available 58″, 60″, 62″, 64″
MSRP $99.95
The Cedar Northwood is a very “traditional” paddle, but with features feather light, modern day performance. This strong, beautiful paddle features a Western Red Cedar/Fir shaft and a blade reinforced with Fiberglass and Sawyer’s twisted Dynel(tm) TuffEdged blade. The Feel, Flex and Response of this paddle is unequaled. This “traditional” Beavertail paddle is also available in a Ottertail profile.

4 pc-Breakdown White Water Kayak Paddle

Product Code: KSCCR; Blade Length 27″ Weight 33 oz
One size only: 195cm.
MSRP $299.95
The Rattler is an action bred whitewater kayak paddle that breaks down into four pieces. Available with or without a connecting shock cord. Push button connections allow you to stow the 27″ package in the back compartment of your boat. Break it out and snap it together into a solid fully functional white water paddle. Spec. 7 1/2″: x 17″ Cedar/Ash/Carbon/Dynel(tm) blades with Solid Core Technology S.S. Push-button ferrule indexes at 0 , 30 left or 30 right hand feather Breaks down into a 4-piece package.

Product Code: KSCSG-VL; Blade Length: 23″ Blade Width: 5.5″ Weight: 27oz
Also available in a crank shaft or with a wider 18 1/2″ X 7″ Orca Blade
Fully adjustable Cam Lock Ferrule (+10cm length and any degree of feather).
MSRP $249.95
The Sea Feather now combines a “V” laminated Cedar cored blade with a strong light, adjustable length graphite shaft for an overall weight of 27oz. The “V” shaped laminations give the blades an internal strength and feather-like look that matches its performance. The “V”-Lam, with its incredibly light swing weight remains one of the better paddling, less fatiguing kayak paddles available.

Product Code: SCWVB; Blade Profile: “Tulip” style, 20.5″ x 8″
Weight: 1.9 lbs (30.4 oz) Sizes: Short – 52″ to 57″, Long – 57″ to 62
MSRP: $250
The Venom C1 features a carbon ergonomic crank shaft that keeps your wrist in a comfortable, neutral and powerful position. The Venom’s shaft features a telescoping length adjustment of 5 inches that locks down with Sawyer’s proven Cam-Lock(tm) ferrule. The aggressive scooped Cedar/Ash core ‘V-Lam’ blade blends Sawyer’s flex and feel with the superior strength and support of fiberglass, carbon and Dynel(tm) to make one tough, light, performance whitewater stick.”


Sawyer’s newest Hybrid
Product Code: KW1-XW; 8″ X 17″ Fiber Glass / Dynel reinforced blades
Weight 46 oz at 190cm
All Sizes and Blade off sets available – Stock Colors Black, Red, Blue,Yellow – Custom colors, prints and optional S.S. ferrule available.
MSRP $149.95
True Creeking strength, light swing weight and the warmth, feel/flex that only wood shafts deliver. X-weave Carbon, Fiber Glass, Dynel reinforced wood core shaft allows great progressive strength, crush resistance and resilience. Excellent, yet affordable white water performance for serious Kayakers everywhere…I-K Inflatable, play boater, creeker, explorer or if you just like ” messing about in boats” like we do, this is the paddle for you.

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