Scotty Cranmer Rides His First Rail After Sustaining a Paralyzing Injury

Professional BMXer Scotty Cranmer fell victim to a horrific accident on Oct. 12, 2016. Cranmer was doing a trick on a ledge when his front wheel landed in a hole, which threw him over the handlebars.

It took Cranmer 10 months to get back on his bike but even then it was only basic bike riding for therapeutic fun. It was not until Tuesday (which was 19 months after the injury) that Cranmer posted a video himself riding his first rail since the accident.

He understands that he will never be able to ride at the level that he used to and according to him, he is okay with that.

“I’ve done everything that I’ve already wanted to on a BMX bike over the years,” says Cranmer. “I turned professional at age 16, and up until I was 29 years old, I was competing all over the world. I did every contest I ever dreamed of, and I invented tricks that I didn’t even think were possible. So nowadays, I get to re-learn and re-enjoy BMX from a different point of view. My mind knows exactly how to do the tricks but I can’t really move my body that well.”

Cranmer continues to be a role model to all that have sustained serious injuries. It’s truly inspiring to see him getting back to what he loves.

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