Sea lion is mesmerized by visitor at St. Louis Zoo

A visitor to the St. Louis Zoo experienced an unusual encounter with a sea lion at Sea Lion Sound where spectators enjoy close-up viewing opportunities of sea lions from underwater windows.

“[There are] several different viewing points,” a St. Louis Zoo spokeswoman told GrindTV. “The tunnel underneath you can actually stand there and literally the animals swim right around you and all over, and they’re very social.”

Brendan Crowley shot video footage that proves it:

The man at the window was directing the sea lion with his hand. When he swept his hand to the left, the sea lion went in the same direction. When he swept his hand to the right, the sea lion again followed it in the same direction.

Remarkably, the sea lion followed the man’s directions perfectly.

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However, the spokeswoman indicated to GrindTV that this behavior isn’t surprising.

“Anybody can walk up there [to the window], and if they’re in the mood, they’re trained to actually follow certain signals,” she told GrindTV. “They’re so sweet and friendly. But, yeah, they are trained and the keeper work with them every day.”

Crowley posted the video on his YouTube channel (his only video) on Monday and on Tuesday numerous companies that buy potential viral videos were competing for the rights to the video, which says something about its uniqueness, even if the behavior isn’t that unusual.

h/t Mashable

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