Sea otter jumps on a boat to avoid getting eaten by killer whales (video)

In Tutka Bay, Alaska, a momma sea otter saved herself from a group of hungry killer whales by jumping onto a boat. Her baby was not as lucky. When the boat owner radioed another boater in the area about what just happened, he was skeptical, saying, “Of course, you didn’t get pictures.” The response: “No, I took video.”

Indeed, Joe Miller’s friend took video of the incident and Miller posted it on YouTube. We pick it up at 1:30 as the mother looks for her baby (who we never actually see), as well as for a way out of her dicey predicament. The ending is absolutely heartbreaking:

If you want to see the killer whales swimming under and around the boat as it chases the baby, you can check out the entire 4-minute, 18-second video here. The guys on the boat do a nice job of play-by-play:

“She’s looking for the baby and she’s looking for…”

“A way out.”

“Yeah, she don’t have nowhere to go.”

Ah, but she did. Their boat.

At about the 2:00 mark, one guy says to the sea otter, “Come on momma, you can come up here.”

And she did, as if she understood.

The heartbreaking moment comes around the 3:15 mark when the sea otter begins crying for her baby.

Unfortunately, nature can be cruel sometimes.

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