See a Grizzly Bear and Wolf Fish Side by Side

The salmon are running in Alaska's Katmai National Park and as a video from the land preserve shows, the park's bigger animals are enjoying the bounty. The footage shows a wolf trot into the stream at the base of Brooks Falls where the bear is already fishing, grab a salmon from the rushing water, and walk off without a care — all while the bear goes about its business. It's rare to see a wolf make a live salmon catch (usually they feed on river scraps), and it's even more rare to see such a peaceful interaction between two predators.

"It was pretty unique to see this wolf fishing right next to the bears," says Katmai visual communication specialist Mike Fitz, who uploaded the video, according to Sierra Club. "The bears are pretty good at recognizing when there's a serious threat to any resources they want. So the bear that's in the video, it was catching a lot of fish at that one spot so it really didn't need to move the wolf out of the way because it was finding plenty of food swimming up to its feet." For more up to date park media, you can watch Katmai's live bear cam this fishing season.