See downhill skateboarder Erik Lundberg break the world speed record

Erik Lundberg is no slouch when it comes to pushing the boundaries of downhill skateboarding. The 29-year-old Swedish rider is a former downhill world champion and is one of the best in the downhill realm. So he recently set his sights on the world speed record for downhill skateboarding.

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Heading to the Les Eboulements road in Quebec, Canada where the previous record was set by Mischo Erban in 2012, Lundberg only needed a couple of practice runs before going for it.

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As Red Bull reports, Lundberg reached the bottom of the hill at a speed of 81.17 mph (130.63 kph), breaking Erban’s record of 80.56 mph. The hill is just a bit longer than half a mile and has an extremely steep grade of 18-percent, so don’t be surprised if we start seeing more attempts at this world’s fastest downhill skateboard record soon.

Erik Lundberg world record downhill skateboard speed
Erik Lundberg setting the world record for fastest downhill skateboard.

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