See the Ocean from the Perspective of a Great White Shark

The underwater world of sharks continues to be explored this week, as yet another GoPro video, this time from a great white, has gone up on YouTube. Earlier in the week, GoPro published a video of a hammerhead patrolling the ocean floor, after videographer Andy Casagrande successfully attached a camera to its dorsal fin. 

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This new video, also from Casagrande, attempts to shed light on the true nature of great whites. More than just sharing the shark's point of view, we also get Casagrande singing about the shark’s harmlessness as it swims up, down and around, weaving through schools of fish and under the belly of the boat.  

Great white sharks, made especially terrifying by Jaws, may be the biggest predators in the sea, but they are often misunderstood. The giant sharks are largely ambivalent toward humans, unless particularly threatened. Shark attacks account for just five to six human fatalities annually, compared to over 20,000 deaths from snake bites, and over a thousand for crocodile attacks.

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