Shark attacks spearfisherman’s catch, forces him out of water

Tim Van Beelen couldn’t get into the boat quick enough after having “a bit of a shark scare” Sunday while spearfishing near Coral Bay in Western Australia.

Van Beelen, who lives in Bremer Bay and is a member of a “spearing group that froth everything aquatic,” was spearfishing with Josh Smith when the incident occurred. He captured everything on a head camera:

The footage shows Van Beelen shooting a permit. As he is pulling it in, a dusky shark appeared on the scene and attacked his catch. Van Beelen, not happy his dinner plans had suddenly changed, gives the shark the bird, along with several expletives. Then the shark reappeared below he and Smith.

Van Beelen called over to a friend in the boat to “come and get us,” and once in the boat he exclaimed, “That [thing] tried to eat me.”

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“All I was thinking was to cover any limbs I could and get back in the boat,” Van Beelen told GrindTV in an email. “I’ve never seen a shark act like that.”

Not much is known about the behavior of a dusky shark, though just because of its size it has the potential to be dangerous to humans. The dusky shark, one of the most sought-after species for shark fin soup, can reach 10 feet in length and weigh up to 400 pounds.

This one was much smaller but definitely showed its tenacity.

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