Shark biting woman on honeymoon is captured in video by her husband

A couple from South Carolina were enjoying their honeymoon in the Caribbean last week until they went swimming with sharks, and one shark went off script.

Sarah and Evan Carroll of Charleston were snorkeling around nurse sharks that are considered harmless to humans unless they’re provoked. Well, one shark proved that theory wrong, and Evan captured it on video:

“I felt a strong whoosh of water [and] something clamp down on my arm and assumed my husband was playing a prank on me,” Sarah wrote, according to People.

“Less than a second later I realized how much it hurt and looked … to see the shark latched onto my arm.”

Sarah, who had her head above water at the moment of the bite and didn’t see the nurse shark coming, quickly pulled free and swam away.

“I was completely shocked and naturally frightened and in pain from the bite,” she told People.

“Evan is the calmest person I know so he handled everything great. He calmly got me out of the water and helped with first aid.

“He was nervous getting me out of the water because the nurse shark did come back around and circled us after the bite.”

Photos of the damage to her wrist and arm were shared with People; The Sun also captured images from the couple’s social media accounts before they apparently were taken down.

Sarah described her wounds to The Sun, saying, “If we were home we would have gotten some stitches, but it worked out not getting them. Only had a bunch of flesh wounds along my arm. We were worried about staph or another infection, but it’s healing great.

“So glad we did [film it] because no one would believe it! Scared the heck out of me.”

Sarah insisted that the nurse shark was not provoked, saying, according to the New York Daily News, “There was no tail pulling or feeding during my snorkel with them (as you can clearly see via the video).”

“Ended the honeymoon with a bang (bite),” she wrote.

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