Bodyboarder who warned others of sharks is killed in shark attack on Reunion Island

A 30-year-old bodyboarder who loved sharks and worked to prevent deaths by shark attacks on Reunion Island himself became a fatal victim of a shark attack Saturday.

Adrien Dubosc worked on the Shark Watch Patrol to warn others of the presence of sharks in the waters around the French island in the Indian Ocean that has been plagued by shark attacks by tiger sharks and bull sharks.

Dubosc entered the water at Pointe au Sal (Salt Point) in his hometown of Saint-Leu to go bodyboarding with friends when the incident occurred at a beach where watersports are officially banned, according to the Mirror and Daily Mail.

“The young man was in the water with two friends when a shark attacked him, biting his right thigh and his groin area,” a police spokesman said. “The victim was pulled out of the water, and emergency workers arrived very quickly.

“Despite cardiac massage, he died within half an hour of the attack.”

Members of Dubosc’s family were among the witnesses on the packed beach that watched in horror as Dubosc became the ninth person killed by a shark attack on Reunion Island in the last six years. It was the 21st shark attack on the island in six years.

Dubosc died in similar fashion as a close friend did in February. Alexandre Naussac, 26, a fellow member of the Shark Watch Patrol, died in a shark attack on a nearby beach that had also been officially closed to water sports.

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Members of a medical-psychological emergency unit attended to witnesses on the scene.

Frederic Carre told the Daily Mail that there had been a huge amount of “anger and emotion” when people saw the shark attack unfolding.

“Mr Dubosc’s death will intensify the shark crisis on Reunion, which is by far the most dangerous place in the world for shark attacks,” the Daily Mail wrote.

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