Shark swims into wave and under oblivious surfer in close encounter

Derik Broshar, an American on a work/holiday visa in Australia, was watching some 20 surfers at The Pass in Byron Bay when he noticed a shark swimming among them, so he began videotaping.

What he captured was a close encounter when the shark swam into a wave and under an oblivious surfer who was catching the wave.

“We were looking down at all the surfers having a good time, and we saw this shark,” Broshar told The Northern Star.

“It just slowly moves in towards the surfers and you can kind of hear some people in the background say, ‘We should warn them.’

“There are a few guys trying to whistle down, but it was a little windy so you couldn’t really hear us from that far up.

“It starts to turn back and as it turns back a surfer catches a wave right over it.”

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Broshar, an adventurer from Iowa, told the Star they couldn’t identify the shark, which swam among the surfers for a minute and a half and left the area after swimming under the surfer.

Broshar learned later that some surfers did see the shark in the water and headed for shore.

The sighting comes on the heels of several shark attacks along the Tweed Byron coast, the Gold Coast Bulletin reported.

Last week Jade Fitzpatrick, 36, was among 40 surfers near Byron Bay when he was bitten by a shark. He became the third victim of a shark attack in the area in the past month and the seventh victim in the region since the beginning of last year.

Nine News reported that Byron Bay and nearby Ballina are among the most dangerous places in Australia regarding shark attacks, adding that a Japanese surfer was killed by a suspected great white shark while sitting on his board last year.

Broshar told The Northern Star he planned to do some surfing while in Australia but wants to make sure he chooses the right time and place.

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