Sharks Hinder TV Show Set ‘Animal Kingdom’ While Filming at San Onofre State Beach

The set of TNT’s “Animal Kingdom” got much more real than they expected during a recent shoot this week at San Onofre State Beach. According to The O.C. Register, the area that is a hotbed for great white sharks did not fail to live up to its newfound norm.

Former pro surfer James Pribram was on set as a water safety advisor as well as a surfing stunt double and told The O.C. Register about the swarming of sharks that day, which was unlike anything he had seen before.

“There were so many sharks out there, it was unbelievable,” Pribram told the Register.

At one point on Monday he said there were 8 to 10 sightings, though he admitted he was unsure if it was just a few sharks being seen over and over again.

“It was weird, because it started to become the norm. We would just bunch up together. It was so surreal … we’re filming a TV show and in the middle of it, there’s sharks swimming around. I’ve never experienced anything like that in my life,” Pribram told the Register.

State Park lifeguards started each morning during the shoots by surveying the ocean. On the first day, a 12-foot shark and a 7-foot shark were both spotted near the filming location.

Lifeguards also issued a shark advisory, but did not go so far as to close the beach since none of the sharks sighted were exhibiting aggressive behavior.

h/t The O.C. Register

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