Shaun White Surfs Kelly Slater’s Wave Pool and Gets Barreled; Video

Kelly Slater has been inviting lots of people to partake in the perfection that is his wave pool at the Surf Ranch in Lemoore, California. And the latest A-listers to get the call-up were Shaun White and Tony Hawk.

While Hawk has not posted any footage or images yet, White has. And he admits that it was all about getting his first-ever barrel – which he does handily.

“My goal was … to get barreled, because I’d never really been barreled before,” White says at the beginning of the video.

White is from Southern California and is no slouch in the surf (or on a skateboard either). But clearly this was his first time truly getting barreled, and oddly enough, it didn’t even take place in the ocean.

We’re excited to see if the Birdman (Tony Hawk) got as barreled as White did. Stay tuned for that.

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