Shocker: 20-Year Study Says That Marijuana Makes You Stupid

Marijuana makes you dumb main

Marijuana has adopted a relatively harmless reputation in recent years, but a new 20-year study published in the journal Addiction is calling BS. Its authors suggest that marijuana is linked to decreased cognitive function and could potentially lead to a slew of mental disorders.

Though the short-term effects of marijuana are not particularly serious, the new study demonstrates that with chronic use, the drug could lead to schizophrenia as well as an increased risk of psychotic symptoms such as hallucinations.

The drug has been linked to reduced learning, memory, and attention, and could also be addictive for some people. As if that weren’t enough to keep you away, the study also found that after smoking marijuana, you’re twice as likely to die from crashing your car.

Do yourself a favor and keep your body clean and drug-free.

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