Shocking skateboarding video goes viral, but is it real?

A shocking video recently uploaded out of the Netherlands that purports to show a skateboarder falling over 400 feet off a suspension bridge has gone viral, but many, including authorities, are doubting its authenticity.

The video, which was uploaded by YouTube user Richard Kochel on Nov. 20, has already gained over 300,000 views online. It claims to show a skateboarder climbing up the Erasmus Bridge in the Dutch city of rotterdam, before attempting to skate down one of its suspension cables. In the video the man is seen losing his balance and falling off the cable into the Nieuwe Maas River some 400 feet below.

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The video has attracted substantial attention online, with users taking to Twitter to express their shock:

And while many users are blown away by the clip, there is at least one group of viewers who aren’t impressed: the Dutch police.

According to Dutch publication Algemeen Dagblad, the local police in Rotterdam immediately discredited the video as fake after seeing it, saying there were no reports of anyone climbing the bridge — which is located in central Rotterdam. Furthermore, the YouTube user who uploaded the clip claimed that the skateboarder in the video walked away unharmed, something police say would be nearly impossible in a fall from that height.

“If you fall from that height into the water, you’re certainly going to die,” the police said. “And if someone was climbing the cables to the Erasmus Bridge, we have had no reports.”

skateboarding rotterdam video
A viral video that claims to show a man falling off a 450-foot suspension bridge has gone viral, but authorities say it is almost certainly fake.

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