Short film about the world’s best under ice freediver is breathtaking

Meet Johanna Nordblad. She is a Finnish freediver, but not your typical freediver — she’s an ice freediver. And Norblad holds the world record for a 164-foot (50-meter) under ice dive.

In this short biopic about Norblad by British director and photographer Ian Derry for Nowness, Norblad talks about how she came across the sport after a horrific bike accident and tried cold water treatment to make sure she didn’t lose her fractured leg.

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Norblad has clearly found her calling, as we watch her go fully into her element once she descends under the ice. It appears to be a different world under there where Norblad is queen. As a cold water surfer myself, this is a whole different level I cannot even begin to fathom.

Johanna Nordblad exploring underneath the ice. Photo: Vimeo
Johanna Nordblad exploring underneath the ice. Photo: Vimeo

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