Shredded Kangaroo Shows Off Massive Muscles

Shredded Kangaroo Shows Off Massive Muscles

If you enjoyed a cell phone-free Memorial Day holiday, you may have missed some pressing news from this weekend. Namely, a kangaroo has set up camp in a Brisbane suburb in Australia. But it’s not just any old marsupial. This kangaroo is 6’5” and absolutely shredded.

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Just to give you some perspective, that’s the same height as Joe Manganiello and Dwayne Johnson. This ‘roo has the same stature, too. Check out his massive chest and bulging biceps in this video from Reuters.

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According to Reuters, the kangaroo has been spotted hopping around golf courses, playgrounds and walking paths. We definitely wouldn’t want to cross paths with the big guy—but we would like to use him for some workout motivation. 

To make this whole thing even better, here are some of the top comments found on Jezebel:

– Does this make him a mar-SUP, BRO-ial
– Cousin of the swole-aby
– Ah, yes…and the Bro-ala
– How many Hemsworth brothers are there, anyway?

Think you can do better? 

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