Six Safe Alternatives to the Handshake

Six Safe Alternatives to the Handshake

Gripped with a slew of bad PR over the past month, the humble handshake is under attack by scientists who, armed with the latest research, claim the germ-spreading maneuver might not be worth the risk.

According to a study in the American Journal of Infection Control, fist bumps and high-fives are healthier alternatives to the handshake because they spread less infectious bacteria. The research also indicates that a wimpy shake is better for you than the firm grip we expect with every outstretched hand.

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And over at the Journal of the American Medical Association, the gloves came off with the publication of an article calling for a full handshake ban at health care facilities. The article suggests posting a sign that reads, “Handshake-free zone: to protect your health and the health of those around you, please refrain from shaking hands while on the premises.”

If you do find yourself in a handshake-free zone, or simply want to avoid a germy grip, we have compiled a list of suitable, and healthier, alternatives.

> The fist bump
> The chest bump
> The ‘sup head nod
> The one-finger point
> The wink and gun
> The standard wave

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