Skate Anatomy: Andrew Reynolds

Andrew Reynolds

Right side:

Palm scab:
“I’ve been falling on the same spot on it for so many years. There is this one piece of skin on my palm that rips off any time I touch it on the concrete. Eventually, it heals up and then it just rips right off again.”

Busted ribs:
“When I was young, I was skating in front of my house and slammed on my ribs. I was so small and skinny that it scabbed up, like, only where my ribs were. I guess you had to see it to know how funny it looked—full scabs, like, only where my ribs were.”

Stitches in knee:
“I tried a double kickflip on my miniramp and slipped out. There was this one nail sticking out of the surface, and it ripped an L-shaped gash into my knee. I got stitches.”

Ripped fingernail:
“I was skating Chicken’s pool and fell on a backside tailslide from the deep end to the shallow end. Somehow I ended up ripping my fingernail clean off.”

Tweaked ankle:
“I’ve been lucky, overall, to not have had too many tweaked ankles, knock on wood. In Huntington, one night, me and Ali Boulala decided Aliz Liquor sounded like a good idea. As usual, being the alcoholics that we are we couldn’t stop drinking. Right before 2 a.m., we noticed there was only five minutes left until the liquor store closed. Desperate for more, we set out running to the store. Ali jumped over this huge set of bushes and I thought, like, that looks like a fun thing to do. I ran up and jumped it right behind him and my right foot landed on a curb. I tweaked my ankle worse than I ever tweaked it on my board. I just lay there on the ground. I was so drunk that I took the wrong shoe off and handed Ali the cash. He was home with the Aliz about five minutes later.”


Knocked out:
“I was on the way to the Tampa skatepark with two of my friends. We walked in the park and saw they had just built a brand new roll-in. At the time, I was way into Carl Shipman and that’s what he was always skating in the 411s. We decided to go to McDonald’s before we skated. My friend, Artis, who was driving, thought he was a big thug. There was a cockroach in the car and he was yelling at me and my friend, calling us pussies because we were scared of a little roach. On the way back to the park from McDonald’s, I picked up a little brown leaf and threw it into his lap while he was driving. After talking all that shit about us being pussies he screamed like a little girl and nearly wrecked the car. We laughed so hard and went back to the park. I skated for about 10 minutes and then tried a nollie flip on the roll-in. I landed primo and got knocked out on the concrete. When I came to, my friends asked me my name. I knew that, so they were like, ‘Do you remember the cockroach?’ I was like, ‘What are you guys talking about?’ I went home, hallucinated, and puked out of my nose. It sucked.”

Busted teeth:
“When I used to drink, I thought I was invincible. I guess getting punched, falling onto a bus bench, and breaking your teeth doesn’t sound
too invincible.”

Broken nose:
“Before I started skating, I was at my house and my mom had just waxed the floors. She had one of those fold-out, stand-up ironing boards. I thought it would be cool to run in my socks and slide, stopping right in front of it. I didn’t stop, and just bashed my nose on the ironing board. Next thing I knew, I was laid-up in
the hospital.”

Bad eyesight:
“I had super-bad vision. I got laser surgery. It cost $2,000 an eye. Now I can see perfect.”

Left side:

Broken shoulder:
“On a backside lipslide down an eight-stair, I didn’t ollie high enough and I caught my heels on the way up. I fell back over it and broke my shoulder. Tony Hawk rushed me to the hospital in his Acura. They gave me lots of painkillers. It was cool.”

Broken elbow:
“I broke the same one three times from age 12 to age 15. The last time I broke it, I was so used to dealing with it I didn’t even bother getting
a cast.” SB

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